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Gospel singer promised God that if he gave her voice back, she’d sing for the world: And she tore it up

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amiraAmira Hocker-Young is not quite a professional singer and not quite an amateur.  Just messing around on Facebook, Hocker-Young decided to share her voice with a few of her friends. She had no idea that people would go bananas when they heard her beautiful singing.

Hocker-Young admits that she is shy, but her faith was tested when she lost her voice.  She says that when losing her ability to sing, she promised God that if she got her voice back, she would let the world hear it.

Hocker-Young has been singing for years, but like a lot of talented performers, she did her best work in church. However, she has won several awards as a singer and traveled internationally performing in highly-exclusive events. She has also been featured in a series of plays that involve singing and acting.  So, she’s not new to the game.  But she says that she doesn’t sing for fame or money, but instead sings in order to save souls.

via Gospel singer promised God that if he gave her voice back, she’d sing for the world: And she did 


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