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Almonte Gives His Thoughts On Black Women & Their Beauty

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Creeping on Youtube today, I was trying to find something that could be potentially interesting to my readers. Something that I thought would catch you ladies attention but in the same breath, give you a little inspiration.

I came across the video below, from a gentleman by the name of Almonte. Almonte is the creator of TheAlmonteFilms on Youtube.

He seems to be more like a young life coach in many aspects and is a young man that us black women should truly appreciate.

In the video below, Almonte gives his thoughts on black women and their hair. With the title of the video portraying something totally different than what I ended up seeing, it is still like a breath of fresh air to know that this young man sees something in us that many of us can’t see in us.

Almonte talks about society and the black woman. How we are made to think that if we wear our hair in the natural, coarse, thick, wooly state then we are perceived as unattractive, not only to society, but many times this is something that lies within ourselves.

Almonte gives inspiration and lets us women know that we should never be too ashamed to be our true selves. Talking about wigs, weaves, makeup, and chemical processing.

I can totally agree with what Almonte is saying and I can relate as well. I used to be so ashamed of my hair that I would never wear it out. I would always wear weaves and wigs. Now, I wear my real hair like it’s nobody’s business. Do I still wear weaves, wigs and makeup? Absolutely. I wear them when I feel like having a different look but I would never hide my personality or any other great quality that I carry, from the world simply because I was unable to get my hair done or purchase any makeup.

I think that when you do such things, that is when they are a problem.

Thanks for reading & please please please watch!


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