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Naturally Triece: Another Natural Hair Up Do Tutorial (video inside!)

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By: Naturally Triece

Due to inclement weather I have actually been under the weather, it has been extremely cold in the city that I am from so I have been missing out on a lot of writing, but to make it up I am going to talk about something that I saw that was so amazing it was almost hard for me to write about or describe and that is this natural up do that I found on YouTube.

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I think that you ladies will enjoy this look because it is something that screams elegant, amazing, sexy and awesome. In the video below TiffanyNocholsDesign shows us all how she gets the amazing look that she has so graciously made a YouTube video about.

Okay, so first she talks about making sure that your hair is stretched in this video, you want stretched hair that has already been washed or co-washed because if the hair is freshly washed and has not yet been stretched then you will either deal with hair that is too curly to tame or hair that is too wet that it won’t blend in with the kanekalon hair that you may consider using, like in this video. Safe ways to stretch your hair without straightening it is to either braid or twist your hair. You want to make sure that you wash and braid your hair at least 4 hours before getting ready to do this style, this will guarantee safe drying without having to use any massive heat.
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When you are ready to perform the style I would recommend that you be sure to use plenty of oil, I know that this is something that I say often but that is because oil is what keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. You don’t want dryness around the edges of your hairstyle because you used plenty of gel and not enough oil which is the most necessary product for any African American woman, especially a natural one.
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Okay, so enough of my blabbering, watch this video and I am sure that you won’t be unsatisfied with this awesome hair style!

Thanks ladies!

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