Hip Hop Hoodlumage… Another Rapper is Suing Cash Money for 1.3 Milli

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By: Naturally Triece

The Cash Money family is one that has been overly respected for many years in the music industry, especially the relationship between Brian “Birdman” Williams and his ‘son’ DeWayne “Lil Wayne” Carter.

In the past month though, it seems like the tables have completely turned and since Lil’ Wayne has left YMCMB there is nothing that can stop this empire from rapidly tumbling downhill.
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Former Hot Boy$ group member, Turk is in the process of suing Birdman for $1.3 million for allegedly cheating him out of lots of money.

According to the suit, Turk makes claims that Birdman as well as many other member of the Cash Money team have been up to some shady business in taking money from multiple artists that were once on the label (there are reportedly still some artists on the label as well who have endured such).

Turk has joined forces with Lil’ Wayne to try and get the rights back to all of his music as well as the money that was unknowingly taken from him during his time with Cash Money.

Reports also say that Turk and Weezy F. Baby had a chat because Turk is also making claims that the label broke their deal with him, and just as Wayne did, he is demanding that a judge hand over the rights to all of his music that helped the company to progress.
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Turk wants his contract voided and to be paid $1.3 million in damages.

Turk took to his Instagram in the middle of all the heat, just days ago, to confirm the fact that he is looking to get paid because it is money that is supposedly owed to him. He even went as far as posting his court document that gives the details of the lawsuit.

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Now, my thoughts… Even though $1.3 million is not a number that will make Baby go completely bankrupt, it is however, a little something that will cause a bad reputation for Baby… Let’s just say that artists probably won’t flock to Cash Money like they used to.
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Naturally Triece

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