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Stepmother Gets Life after Splitting Child’s Skull & Covering It with Clip-In Extensions

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By: Naturally Triece

What in the world?

Philadelphia prosecutors say that little 10-year-old Charlenni Ferreira endured so much abuse from the hands of her father and stepmother that every inch of her body was beaten.

Authorities say that the abuse began back in 2006 when Little Charlenni moved to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico to live with her father and three brothers. Sadly the abuse didn’t end until 2009 when she died. The little girl died from a “buildup of fluid inside her chest as a result of broken ribs,” according to WGN. Authorities said that Charlenni endured “extreme torture” at the hands of her stepmother.

On Friday, Margarita Garabito, 48, was sentenced to life in prison for the death of Charlenni. The child’s father was also arrested but reports say that he hung himself shortly after arriving to prison. After being arrested, Garabito put all the blame on him.

When the child died, she was found with a large wound to the back of her head. Garabito reportedly split the child’s skull and used cotton and clip-in hair extensions to cover up the gash.

Prosecutors told the court that the “hair clips were used to affix the extensions and were embedded into her scalp like staples,” WGN reports.

Charlenni died just nine days before she would have turned 11-years-old.

According to Associated Press, Garabito allowed her son to rape the girl. The news service never indicated whether Garabito’s son was arrested or not.

Wow! This is crazy!