Lil Wayne and Lauren London Finally Show Their Baby Boy to the World

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By: Naturally Triece

It has been known for some time that Lil’ Wayne and Lauren London have a son together. Nothing has really come from the knowledge being that the two have worked hard to keep things under wraps… until this weekend.

Apparently Wayne and their son, Cameron were spending some father and son time together recently and Wayne decided to tweet about it.

Posting an adorable image of his son and himself:

 Here's What Lauren London and Lil Wayne's Son Looks Like

Lauren London has been very clear about her want to keep her son out of the public eye. Who could blame her? Based on the fact that no one has seen him since he was born, he is now five and officially out for the world to adore.

Wayne respected Lauren’s wishes by not exposing their sons face for all this time, until now.

The picture that they took was just too cute to keep locked up in a cell phone, that face needed to be seen and seen it was!

Lauren took to her Twitter to say, “Ain’t he cute #mylittleman.”

Yes ma’am… He sure is. Just too cute for words.

London has managed to keep him out of the public eye and she has done a successful job of doing so.

What do you guys think of this little guy? Too cute or what?

Naturally Triece