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Naturally Triece: Chris Brown Has A Sexy New Hair Style! (Photos Inside!)

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By: Naturally Triece

Now, if you are anything like me then you love to hate Chris Brown, he has a cocky attitude that people can’t stand but he is just that adorable that you can’t stop looking at him or talking about him. Just last night Breezy took to Instagram to promote for his new collaboration project with rap star, Tyga. In the photos that were shown he also introduced his interesting, yet sexy hair-do. I’m loving this look that Chris has now and I can’t stop looking at the picture with those googly eyes that you get when you look at a nudey of Idris Elba… Not saying that I have… I’m just saying.

chris brown dreads indiviual pic

This Kris-Kross inspired hairstyle is one that I honestly feel is way past due. And who can you depend on to make it popular other than the infamous Chris Brown? That one guy who can sing, dance, rap and whom women glorify for all of those talents and many of his other assets.

kris kross

These photos caught me by surprise because I wasn’t even sure if it was him in the pictures. I had to get a close up and when I did I must admit that I was digging this style like no other. Not to mention, he gave up the facial hair and kept the nose ring. He looks awesome!

In 2015, Chris Brown along with Kylie Jenners boo, Tyga, are planning to release a new album together, ‘Fan Of A Fan’ and I’m sure that the track list will be nothing short of amazing being that these two gentleman are extremely talented.

Brown has some amazing songs that may ring a bell for many of you, singles like Dueces, Strip, Wet The Bed, Run It, and many others. Along with a few amazing Christmas and love ballets that will make your ears fall in love with his voice. He has also worked with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and any other huge name that you can think of. This boy is just doing the dang on thing and I am not even mad.

Go Chris! I love it!

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