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Little girls sing an amazing “Letter to the President” asking for Justice

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Watoto from the Nile is one of the most beloved young female vocal groups in the country.  They’ve done videos that have gotten hundreds of thousands of views, and most of their songs have social consciousness to them that black people can relate to.   They’ve done songs asking Lil Wayne to create lyrical content that isn’t harmful to children, they did a song in honor of Trayvon Martin, and even had a song encouraging other kids to eat healthy food.

Why aren’t they on the radio?  Is it because the music industry isn’t interested in hearing music that is healthy for black people?

Their latest song, “Letter to the President,” features smooth vocals over images of serious injustices that have occurred over the last several years.  They start with the death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD, and then go on to the many other cases of black people being killed by police or dying in out-of-control violence that others claim cannot be controlled.

We encourage you to watch the video, share it and give this group your support.  When young people are taking the lead and doing good things for their community, we should all get behind them.

Here’s the new video, sent to us exclusively.  We think you’ll enjoy it: