Condom Shortage In Venezuela, Priced at $755

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By: Naturally Triece

Welp, won’t be no smashin’ in Venezuela this weekend. No getting’ live, no hunchin’, no lickin’, no slobbin’… And did I mention no condoms?

There is no protection in Venezuela. According to there is a shortage of condoms which causes the price per box of condoms to go all the way up to $755 a pop!
Craziness! So there will be no hanky panky in that country for a while.

Shortages are common in corn, milk and chicken but condoms? Come on man!

Recently, shortages of the plastic wear have begun to affect people in South America. This is also said to be the case when it comes to Venezuelan birth control pills for women.
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CNN visited eight pharmacies in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. Four of the pharmacies had no condoms and the other four had very limited access to condoms. There were a few of those that carried domestic brands.

Yuraima Bacher, whom is a pharmacy manager, says that her establishment does not get the same number of supplies that they once did.

Many Venezuelans are turning to the Internet to purchase their condoms, one subscriber is actually selling a 36 pack of condoms for 4,760 bolivars. In American currency that is a crazy whopping $755 US dollars!

That $755 is 85% of the Venezuelan monthly income, which is currently at 5,602 bolivars.
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President Nicolas Maduro spoke in June to announce that his government was building a condom factory to supply people with the domestic market. The factory has been built, but the pharmacy managers say that the quality is not acceptable at this time.

Venezuela is said to have the fifth highest teen pregnancy rate amongst 21 Latin American Countries.

The HIV infection rate is 0.6% of the general population and also a very big concern amongst the public health analysts. This is a risk that can only hurt the Venezuelan authorities by increasing, unless they are willing to take the necessary measures to address shortages of contraception methods.

Dang! Glad I don’t live over there. That would really suck.
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What are you guys’ thoughts? No condoms, would that stop you from fooling around?

Thanks for reading!

Naturally Triece

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