People Outraged Over Allure Posting Zoe Saldana’s 115 Pound Body On Cover

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zoesActress, Zoe Saldana has taken a lot of heat this year for many choices that she has made. The media and fans alike were not too pleased with her being altered to play jazz singer and activist, Nina Simone in a biopic. Just recently the media rode the wave of her statement in Allure about possibly ending up with a woman. But on Wednesday the internet and media outlets were fuming over another issue with Allure.

Under the gorgeous actress’s name appeared the words, “115 pounds of grit and heartache” and now people are starting to become concerned with Saldana’s weight. Is the actress, who says she does pilates, at least three to four times a week, too thin?  

Maureen O’Conner ,of The Cut, weighed in on the controversy saying, “Since numerical representations of weight rarely grace the covers of women’s magazines, we conclude that this number must be special.”

She adds, “Since 115 isn’t a large enough number to suggest defiance, we conclude that 115 is a number meant to represent an attractively tiny weight. Delicate and tiny, making her “grit” all the more charming.”

But with young girls looking up to actresses like Saldana, was it appropriate for the magazine to put her weight on the cover? Many women within the industry have dealt with trying to live up to the Hollywood standard, by fighting hard to stay thin or fighting hard to get their weight down to a size 2, in order to compete. Putting the actress’s weight on the cover may do more harm than good to young women who feel that life means nothing if they can’t fit into the latest two piece swimsuit. Why was it so important to put Saldana’s weight on blast? Have men been subjected to the same scrutiny, when it comes to their image in Hollywood?  Saldana has yet to comment.

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