Chris Brown Duets With Aaliyah On New Song But Is It Disrespectful To Her Legacy?

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aaChris Brown was five years old when Aaliyah hit the music scene with her debut album, “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number.” So, what could he have possibly known about the late singer’s mass appeal and impact on a generation?

Chris Brown has revealed that he will be doing a duet with the late singer, using vocals that she recorded before her death. But many are questioning if this is another attempt, by a celebrity, to use the star’s clout to boost their own image.

Brown’s nemesis ,Drake, came under fire last year, after rapper, DMX became upset that Drake totally disregarded involving the people that knew Aaliyah best, in a project that he wanted to do for the late singer.

In an interview on AllHipHop.com, last year, DMX expressed his frustration saying, “It just show what I said, [Drake’s] a f**king piece of sh*t… you didn’t even know this woman; you were in middle school… What the f**k gives you the f**king right? Allow Aaliyah to live on and not include the people she always worked with, not include the recipe…It’s wrong, honor her legacy, honor what she did. You don’t have no right to make it yours. If you’re going to allow it to live on, do it in a manner that honors what she did. Respectfully.”

Timbaland also expressed his concern with not being involved in the project, saying that Drake should have at least reached out and gotten himself or Missy involved, the two people that knew her best. Unlike his rival, Brown has taken a different approach that fans may be pleased with.

The vocals that fans of Chris Brown will hear have never been heard by the public. Drake used a sample of her voice on his track, “Enough Said” back in August, which many thought was a direct attack on Brown. It seems Brown is not using Aaliyah’s legacy to start a war but rather he is using her legacy to bring about awareness.

 Brown just recently shot the video for “ They Don’t Know” in a down trodden Los Angeles neighborhood, saying that he would like to bring attention to what is happening to those that are less fortunate than others. The song is featured on his upcoming album release entitled “X”.

Although Drake may not have sought the help of Aaliyah’s close friends, Brown made sure to involve Timbaland on the project, as he is one of the producers. Other producers include, Pharrell, Polow Da Don, Danja, and Drumma Boy.

The album is expected to go on sale in July.            


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