Diddy Reveals That Downton Abbey Casting Announcement Was A Hilarious Prank

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diddyMogul, P. Diddy pulled a fast one on all his fans and Downton Abbey fans alike,when he announced that he was joining the famed British show, as a regular.

If you were doing a double take and questioning the recent addition to the show, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Diddy has revealed that the whole thing was a deliberate joke that he orchestrated with FunnyorDie.com

In the funny spoof, Diddy announced that he would be playing Lord Wolcott, the new owner of the Abbey. Diddy shared the video on Twitter. It showed Diddy being superimposed in several scenes from the hit show. In one scene, he tries to get the characters, Isobel Crawley and Dowager Countess of Grantham to “kiss him in tongues.”  The spoof becomes even more hilarious when Diddy plugs his Ciroc vodka in one of the scenes saying, “Why don’t we stop this bickering and have sip of some libation?”

Of course, if you only took Diddy’s word for it and did not take a look at the spoof, you would not know that Diddy mispronounced the name of the show as “Downtown Abbey”  throughout the video. Diddy proclaimed that he was the first African American to be cast in the show. PBS was very quick to clear up the confusion.

There actually is a black actor on the show, who broke the color line barrier. Death In Paradise actor, Gary Carr, was cast as jazz singer, Jack Ross, for the fourth season of the critically acclaimed show. The director, Julian Fellowes, admitted that he wanted to “open the show up ethnically”, and that he was not opposed to casting more black actors.  You can see Diddy’s “Downtown Abbey” spoof in its entirety, on FunnyorDie.com this today.

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