Scandal Actor Says Wife Not Too Thrilled With S*x Scenes With Kerry Washington

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kerryLast night was the season finale of ABCs hit show “Scandal” with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn as her married lover, who also happens to be the president.

Steamy s*x scenes were shown of the two characters played by the actors. Tony Goldwyn says that his wife never watches the show because of the steamy encounters between Olivia Pope and the President.

Goldwyn mentioned this while appearing on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens”. He said, “The honest answer is, my wife doesn’t watch it,” adding, “She watched the pilot and thought it was great, but yeah…I don’t encourage it.”

During the finale, the President tells Olivia that he wanted to marry her and move her into the White House and he wanted her to create a scandal that would have his beloved followers, hating his current wife, so that it would be a smooth transition for his next term. He even goes as far as telling the fictional First Lady his plans to kick her to the curb. In the end with much backlash from his counterparts, he goes running right back into the arms of his wife.

This whole turn of events can be correlated to that of the house Negro and her master, when a black woman was good enough to take care of the master’s children, cook the meals, give him a little bit, and then go back to where she came from. In Olivia’s case, she is good enough to cover up his lies and schemes, and give him a little trim, but in the end she will always be the other woman, the Safreeta Mae, if you will.

Many have questioned the many complexities of Shonda Rhimes’s writing for the show. But the writing may have been intentional, exposing what still happens in modern day society with black women and men of other races. Black woman of all nationalities have always been the object of a white man’s desire, the fantasy, but being with a black woman, has for the most part, remained taboo to many. Sure you have black women and white men that defy the odds in the new millennium, but it does not come without a price.

So it is not surprising to hear that Goldwyn’s wife is not too keen on the sex scenes. Just looking at it from a husband and wife standpoint, I would not want my husband touching another woman like that either. It makes for awkward conversation at the dinner table. Goldwyn says that the love scenes are just a part of the job, but where do you draw the line between reality and make-believe?

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