Is Kelly Rowland Admitted Jealousy Of Beyoncé Warranted Or Is It Unhealthy?

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kellyIf you are like me, I love me some Beyoncé. As I watched her career flourish from the days of “No,No,No” to “Run The World”, I thought, “Wow what a star.” But it was not without questioning if her parents intentionally glammed her up more than the other members of  Destiny’s Child and if the group was simply put together to boost Bey?

I did not start to take notice of Kelly until the “Survivor” album, when Destiny’s Child became three instead of four . It is true what Wyclef said on the “No,No,No” remix.“They went from a dream to the young Supremes”. And their fairytale is starting to play out like that of The Supremes. Although, the group did not go to the extreme of becoming Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child like Diana Ross and The Supremes, the divide is very evident.

As Beyoncé continued to climb the charts, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams played the cheerleaders,while trying to come out of the shadow of Beyoncé with their own projects, which did not have much success. It was an unspoken truth. Rowland, who was always the hidden beauty of Destiny’s Child went on to have a successful following overseas. She is an excellent talent, producer, and writer, who never really got the chance to truly show people what was the best kept secret of Destiny’s Child.

As I am sure you have heard, Kelly Rowland has finally come out and said what others have always known; that there was a bit of jealousy when it came to seeing her best friend and sister in the limelight as much as she was. However, is it me or was anyone really watching Beyoncé, or were we all in total awe when Kelly Rowland came out, looking flawless, fierce, and shining like the star she is at the SuperBowl?  

But is the way that Rowland feeling warranted and is it healthy? On one hand it is a bit healthy to be jealous of your competition. And let’s face it, although they tried to keep a united front, Beyoncé is Kelly’s competition. But the jealousy has to segue into you doing something about it and stepping your game up.

Kelly’s opinion of Bey’s success in her new song entitled, “Dirty Laundry” was a great way to channel that energy and let the masses know that she is human.  I hope fans surely did not believe that someone could be that positive all of the time about someone else’s career, without thinking, “I have worked just as hard and I feel like I am just spinning my wheels to get ahead”.

The reason that people will listen to the new song from Kelly is that she is being extremely, and painfully, real about hang-ups that most singers have in this Industry, but are too prideful to admit.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City and a supporter of  One Billion Rising

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