Simon Cowell Proved Wrong As Candice Glover Comes Back To Win American Idol On Her Third Attempt

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 gloverCandice Glover proved to the world, last night, that you don’t have to be a size two to make audiences fall in love with you. The new American Idol shut down haters that thought the singer would never make it as a singer. Now Candice Glover has the chance to be a hit singer and more. It was Glover’s third time at bat, after Simon Cowell said that all she would be was nothing more than a lounge singer.

Simon Cowell must again be shooting himself in the foot, as Glover became the sweetheart of all of the judges this year, making it a memorable ending to an era for the “Dawg”, Randy Jackson, who is officially leaving the show. It has also been reported that none of the current judges will be returning for another season.

Simon was also wrong about former Idol turned Oscar winner and film actress, Jennifer Hudson. Hudson was told that she was too fat to be an Idol. Those remarks caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who invited Hudson on her talk show to prove that she had what is took, despite what Cowell had to say.

Hudson went on to play Effie in Dreamgirls and was soon cast for other film roles in movies like “S*x and The City”, and “The Secret Life of Bees”. She just finished filming “Black Nativity” opposite Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett.

The two divas took the stage, last night, for a powwow of a performance, singing Natalie Cole’s “Inseparable”. The pair received a standing ovation midway through the song. This marks the first time that an African American female has won the competition since Fantasia in 2004.

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