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Wendy Williams Defends Iggy Azalea Against The “Black Haters”

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by Naturally Triece

Wendy Williams decided to go in on Black haters who are supposedly going off on Iggy Azalea because she’s white. Saying that black haters need to just get over it and let the Australian rap star win.

“Would you guys stop with the Iggy Azalea? How much hate do you guys have?”
“I want you all to leave her alone. I know who the haters are: my people… It seems like black people don’t want this girl to win because she’s white.”

“You take over the radio. You can be heard on hip-hop stations, Top 40 stations. My father, who just turned 84, knows who Iggy Azalea is. The little goobers running around in nursing schools know who Iggy Azalea is…”

“In other words, you’re a hater because she’s crossed over and she’s managed to make it. You’re a hater because she got herself what looks like a black girl’s butt and a black boyfriend, Nick Young. You need to stop that hate and get a life, haters.”

Wow! That rant was real! I must say that I personally don’t dislike Iggy because she is a white girl with a black boyfriend and a black booty. I could care less about who she is dating and what her cheeks look like.

But what do you guys think? Does Black America have a right to dislike Iggy Azalea or is Wendy’s rant justifiable?

Naturally Triece

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  2. Samira Sadiq

    February 22, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Hello, EMINENM! If Black Americans only had an issue with her skin color you wouldn’t have people like Eminem, Macklemore and etc. I could care less about Iggy Azealea but, if I had to say whether or not she is a good rapper I’d be inclined to say she isn’t. People bash celebrities all the time why is this rude ugly man acting as if she doesn’t do the same? This is literally just another reason why I despise this “woman”.

  3. jaime love

    February 22, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    STFU Wendy!!!!!! Iggy is a fake a$$ culture thief!!!! Trying to be a black woman in white skin and the b**** is from AUSTRALIA!!!! GTFOH

  4. Unk

    February 23, 2015 at 1:14 am

    When I want to know where the nearest crack house is, I’ll ask Wendy Williams. Otherwise, I don’t care what her opinion is on anything. I find it amusing watching her show and all the zombies in the audience are sitting there nodding their heads in agreement to every foul, inacccurate, and malicious thing she says. Meanwhile, no one outside of her little fanbase takes this shemale seriously.

    Now, she wants to attack black people for not dropping to their knees and bowing to queen Iggy. She’s quick to sell out a whole people with the lie that black folks hate her because she’s white. How come it can’t be because she’s a horrible rapper? How come it can’t be because most of the hip hop culture knows a fake when they see one? How come it can’t be because of her rants on social media? Why is Wendy (of all people) so quick to disparage black people simply for not embracing some Australian wannabe street rapper? I’ve never seen the masses of black folk hate Eminem or 3rd Bass or the Beastie Boys. That’s because they all were true to who they were and wrote their own raps – unlike Iggy! They were organic and not just manufactured to sell rap to white kids. Black rap fans know when someone is inauthentic and have every right to call them out when they see them without being attacked. WW opinion is worth about as much as the dog poop I accidently stepped in last night. It’s a shame what she’ll say just to get ratings.

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