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Teyana Taylor Sets For Blast Off On Porsha Williams For Stealing Her Clothing Line Name

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Teyana Taylor recently popped up on Instagram, not with one of those epic ‘Lil Booty’ twerk videos, but with some stern words for Porsha Williams.

Earlier today, the Real Housewife of Atlanta posted a picture on her Instagram of her upcoming t-shirt design that read “#Unbothered” and also went in to tell fans that the shirts would be coming out on February 8th, which is literally right around the corner.


Spicy Ms. Teyana Taylor, of Good Music, clapped back on the reality star by saying, “No it will not be coming out because unbothered is my clothing line, legally as well & u follow me so I’m sure you know what it is. So you should take this down.”
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Sounds like this may be something for the lawyers to handle? Yeah, I think so…

Taylor definitely has a point, if it is legally hers, then Porsha Williams dog has officially died in this fight…

The ‘Maybe’ singer is currently selling a line of shirts as well as stylish jerseys that have the exact same catch phrase etched on them.


Nene Leakes recently got blasted for stealing a t-shirt design too. I mean dang! What’s up with these housewives… Stealing slogans amongst many other things. SMH.
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Let’s get it together ladies.

The way I see it, ‘#Unbothered’ is just currently one of those stages in the life of entertainment, something like the words ‘shade’ and ‘tea’. We use them for a certain amount of time and then they go away. So maybe Ms. Williams should just catch the next hip phrase in a few months and start over again from scratch with this whole t-shirt idea.
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After all, it’s just a t-shirt. Teyana got jerseys shawty! I’m more prone to purchase one of those…

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