Azealia Banks Says Chocolate Complected Women Are Treated Like Dogs

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By: Naturally Triece

Azealia Banks is known for being angry and upset, all the time! She always wants to start beef with someone. First Iggy (understandably), then Kendrick Lamar, T.I. and most recently Erykah Badu… Now she is having a moment and saying that dark women are treated like dogs.

I think that we first must realize the way that that this chick acts. Her language, the shade that she throws at other stars and how emotional she is. So is it that men don’t like dark skinned women or do they just not like her?

The ‘212’ singer just can’t seem to log off of her damn accounts and go into the studio to make a hit. We understand, you’re the same chick who fires constant shots at other people, but as soon as you are treated “unfairly” you cry wolf.

Sit down! Please!

Remember all the shade that she threw at Tiny Harris? Calling Erykah Badu jealous, calling T.I. a coon and so much more!

Here is what Banks had to say about all chocolate girls being dissed, or so she likes to make it seem:


azadarkBanks, I can honestly say that you are wrong. My mother is a chocolate woman and one of the prettiest that I have ever seen. She has yet to experience any poor treatment for her complexion.

Banks says more and fans respond:



Fans had plenty to say and whether Azealia listened or not… I have to say that they are all right.

It seems that we all are seeing the same things, her actions are what bring about such poor circumstances and nasty treatment. Is it right for people to treat her that way? No, of course not. But it is never right for her to attack people the way that she does with her childish and immature antics.

I think that Azealia is a beautiful girl but someone needs to sit her down and beat these messages into her head until she gets it!

Thanks for reading!

Naturally Triece

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  1. Carolyn Marshall

    February 18, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    When did complexioned become complected?

  2. hidaya

    February 18, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    It’s a word:

    [kuh m-plek-tid]

    Spell Syllables

    Word Origin adjective, Informal.

    1. complexioned: “a light-complected boy.”

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