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Naturally Triece: Blac Chyna Getting Back At Tyga and Kylie Jenner!!!

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By: Naturally Triece


I don’t usually blog about celebrities and their personal business but when Blac Chyna put this image up on her Instagram for the world to see, I instantly screenshotted the hell out of my phone. In this picture that model Blac Chyna took a picture of her cleavage, she took it upon herself to tagged Tyga in it, saying ‘Happy New Years’ knowing that he and his recently spotted love mistress, Kylie Jenner, were both located in Las Vegas at the same time that she was there.

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You know that was some shade that came completely from left field but at the same time I am secretly receiving guilty pleasures from Chyna doing this. Trying to deteriorate a relationship that deteriorated hers.

Kylie Jenner, 17, and rap star Tyga, 25, have been spotted out multiple times together which makes it hard for the public to not think that a love interest has randomly ensued between the rapper and young reality star. Being that Chyna was friends with the Kardashian sisters, and was claimed to be the best friend of Kim Kardashian, it seems that this little love affair between Jenner and Tyga was once a secret that only the two shared.

I hate that Chyna was left in the dust for a teenage girl but I’m sure that she has no issues with bouncing back from the situation.

Blac Chyna is a well known hip-hop model who has been seen in multiple music videos including the infamous ‘Monster’ by Kanye West. (Portraying to be Nicki Minaj in the electric chair with a bag over her head.) She was in Las Vegas for a party that she was asked to host and… well… I don’t know what Tyga was there for. I’m sure he was there to rap or something, being that he is a great hip hop artist.

But any who, whether these two have beef or not is pretty clear and hopefully Jenner can step to the side and get in the house before her curfew so that these two can reconcile for the sake of their baby boy, King Cairo.

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