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Naturally Triece: 7 Reasons Why Other Women Hate You!

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By: Naturally Triece

Have you ever felt like you walk into a room and other women just look at you like they could just rip your head off? You haven’t said a word, they just hate the fact that you’re even there. This is something that we all as women go through, and I had no idea as to why this is such a big issue but after thinking about it long and hard, I officially understand.

Here are the reasons why she may hate you…

Why She Hates You: Reason 1

She Feels Threatened!
When you walk into a room, whether you are looking cute or not… So what! You are another cat that has just walked into a room full of lions. They don’t know what to think of you yet so they just feel a ‘certain type of way’. They want to learn your personality first, but they don’t know how to get to know you without knowing what to expect.

Why She Hates You: Reason 2

She Is Jealous!

This is something that is not uncommon, women tend to get really jealous when another woman walks into a room and can turn heads the way that you can. You walk in with confidence and men love that… She just wishes that she could be as brave, bold and beautiful as you!

Why She Hates You: Reason 3

She Hates That Men Love You!

Women who dislike you for this reason are not hard to find. Men love your personality and they love the fact that you can get the attention of the cutest guys around school or the office. These guys aren’t paying any attention to her even though she constantly shows off her cleavage and butt, chasing after his attention, but he wants to give all of his attention to you.

Why She Hates You: Reason 4

She Just Loves To Hate You!

She might not even know anything as small as your name, she just knows that you are another woman who could possibly have/already have everything that she wants. She is automatically judgmental just for that reason.

Why She Hates You: Reason 5

You Are TakingHer Spot Light!

You walk out on stage and the crowd goes wild. The spot light is now on you and she is left in the dark. They are throwing roses on the stage because of your amazing performance, and she is catching nothing but tomatoes. That was a pretty dramatic scenario but you get my drift.

Why She Hates You: Reason 6

Sometimes You’re Too Honest!
Women are known to be nurturers and are known to care for people and put them down lightly, but not you. You tell it how it is. You let them know if they stink by just saying, ‘Girl you stink.” and other women hate that.

Why She Hates You: Reason 7

She Is Self-Conscious!
Many women are self-conscious about everything that they have in their lives. They are self-conscious about their hair, makeup, clothes, nails, weight, skin and many other things that won’t be named. So when they see a woman who has it all together, that makes it hard for them to understand why. You just look good, have a positive attitude, and you work hard like no body else is watching, they can’t stand it because they want that confident hustlers mentality that you have.

These are the 7 reasons why she might hate you, because you have everything that she desires. So, just keep doing you boo boo and brush off all of the nonsense.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Carolyn Marshall

    January 3, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    Keep living! This is nonsense.

  2. ericaf

    January 14, 2015 at 12:02 am

    Confidence is sexy, no matter what age and weight you may be. When you leave home powerful, you can own a room, doesn’t matter who else is in it.

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