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Naturally Triece: 3 Cute, Simple & Healthy Hairstyles For Your Baby Girl

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As a parent, I’m sure that you know just like most, that your daughter’s hair is extremely important but also extremely difficult to take care of.

Little black girls love to look pretty, but they hate sitting for long periods of time to get their hair done.

I am going to give you ladies some easy styling tips for your baby girl and her precious tresses. Styles that will last and styles that she will feel beautiful when wearing.

  1. Cornrow Braids…

I’m sure that you may have already known this answer but the reasoning is because braids can be so easy, a lot less time consuming and they can also protect your baby’s hair. What parent doesn’t want their child to have a hair style that can be protective? It’s an easy way for your daughter to have healthy & growing hair.

That’s the main goal right? Just make sure that her braids aren’t too tight, creating excessive shedding and bald spots and she will be good to go.

2.Two Strand Twists…

If you are a mom that does not know a thing about hair… Never fear! Two strand twists are here! Two strand twists are probably the easiest style to do on the planet, being that they are a style that literally only take minutes and it can be a cute twist out for whenever you are ready to take down your child’s hair.

Twist outs can leave the hair coily & curly enough to the point where she can where the hair in twists for one week and curls for the next week before you perform her regular shampoo & condition.

3.Perm Rod Sets

What little girl doesn’t love curls? I know that I did as a child. Curls can be done with perm rods (which ever size that you choose) and you can just put the rods in your child’s hair every night before bed so they won’t have to sit under a dryer. They can just air dry and be taken out the next morning.

Be sure to use plenty of perm papers to protect those fragile ends and be sure to make your daughter wear a bonnet at night.


Those are my 3 simple hair tips for your baby girl! Remember to use plenty of oils and moisturizers during, in between and after the process if over with!

Use these tips and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

Thanks for Reading & Watching!

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