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George Zimmerman Gets Charges Dropped After Girlfriend Recants

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Florida police have dropped aggravated assαult charges against GeorgeZimmerman again Zimmerman after his ex-girlfriend recanted her story.

Zimmerman was arrested earlier this month after allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his ex girlfriend.

The State Attorney’s Office reported that the woman, Brittany Brunelle, stopped cooperating with police. Police cannot build a case against Zimmerman without her help.

Zimmerman was initially arrested in Lake Mary, Florida. This is the second time Zimmerman has been arrested after a girlfriend accused him of being violent during a break-up.

“The first incident was Nov. 18, 2013, when he was accused of pointing a shotgun at Samantha Scheibe, then locking her out of the house. The second was this incident on Jan. 5, when Brunelle accused him of throwing a wine bottle at her and breaking her phone,” the Orlando Sentinel reports. “In between those arrested, Zimmerman was accused of pointing a gun at a driver during a road rage incident. That case also resulted in no charge.”

Brunelle apparently told police at the time of Zimmerman’s arrest that she did not want to prosecute, but they arrested him anyway.

After Brunelle later refused to cooperate, police had no choice but to drop the charges against Zimmerman.

Police were alerted to the scene after they heard breaking glass and spotted Brunelle driving down the street with her headlights off. According to detectives, Zimmerman’s girlfriend was “crying” and described her boyfriend as “that psycho.” During the stop, police say the woman blamed herself for ever getting involved with Zimmerman.

Police say when they arrived at Zimmerman’s home to arrest him, he refused to come to the door for at least two hours while they knocked. Zimmerman didn’t come outside until police allowed him to keep his attorney on cell phone while he spoke to police.




  1. Nikki from The Bronx

    January 30, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    What I don’t understand or comprehend for the life of me don’t know why the police, prosecutor, other public officials, or any principled judge will continue to let this fool sacrifice warranted punishment for the crimes that he has and continues to commit to this day, and no charges are ever brought against him. Must be nice to be the “Teflon Man.” Somehow I think that the police and the prosecutors know (and if they don’t then please tell me what’s in their drinking water because I want some of it) that he’s a criminal and a bully and the authorities won’t admit that an injustice has been done to Trayvon Martin and his family. But that’s like too much like right, huh and the local governmental authorities refuse to ever admit that an inequality and miscarriage of justice was done in that great State of Florida.
    Peace Out!

  2. Kimberly

    January 31, 2015 at 8:27 pm

    Reginald already said it out load..this dudes luck is going to run out.He is a killer walking the streets and the people are never ever going to forget that.

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