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The Real Reasons Why We Should Love Christmas…

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why i love christmas

By: NaturallyTriece

Today was fun, action packed, and full of hugs and kisses from family. I reflect on this day with a grateful heart and many memories that will stick with me for a life time. After so many years of thinking that gifts were the highlight of the Christmas season, I have finally figured out what the real reason is for Christmas.

Christmas can be fun when you are opening gifts, but the most important part of Christmas that I seemed to enjoy today was the part when I got to spend time with my family and loved ones. Socializing and laughing about the things that we all used to do as well as the things that we are all doing now, seeing that some people have changed (some better and some worse) but then there are some who haven’t changed a bit… Mentally or physically. We also reminisce on the people who were here last Christmas and couldn’t be here for this Christmas.

Americans spend so much money on gifts and fancy parties just to impress their friends and family, but if you have to impress them with what you can buy them, then you aren’t that impressive.

We should all come to a conclusion in our lives that we are going to give love, time and cheer to one another for Christmas and go back to the way that it used to be.

Christmas is suppose to be about bonding and enjoying one another, so why do we put so much emphasis and thought into what we purchase for one another and how much money we can spend on each other to show how much we love each other.

I am proud to say, that with the little bit of money that I did have, I was still able to drive from house to house to give cheer, love on my niece and nephews and spend time with my brothers.

That is why I love Christmas so much… Now please share your reasons with me as to why you love Christmas so much…

Thank you for reading & watching!
Merry Christmas <3




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