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Ludacris Explains Why He Waited So Long To Marry Eudoxie

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We all remember over the holidays when Christopher ‘Ludacris’ Bridges married his beautiful bride, Eudoxie. It seemed so sudden and the wedding happened quickly after he proposed. Many were wondering why the couple was in such a rush but now people are wondering why it took so long.

“In my opinion, it’s so many people out here – and to each his own – when you do this big ceremony and you take all this time, and a lot of times these marriages aren’t even lasting. I just wanted to make it special, you know. I spoke to her about it and we just decided to do it,” the actor/rapper told Angie Martinez on her morning show.

Luda never really made comment on why he chose to be so open about the engagement and wedding that the two shared, when he was private about everything else, but he did decide to explain to his listeners why he decided to wait so long to marry Eudoxie.
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“I’m almost in the mindset, that you go 5 and 10 years and then go ‘head and have a ceremony and celebrate and invite everybody. Then you’ve accomplished something and that’s what it’s all about. You know me, I’m unorthodox. I hate doing the norm.”

Even though the engagement was a surprise, Luda said that he didn’t hesitate when planning the wedding. In other words, he knew that she would say yes… so what the heck!

Even married, Luda has admitted that not much has changed. He says that the relationship and the love are still the same, which is a good thing for him.
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“The good thing is things are still the same. Everybody would always have conversations with me and say, ‘Man, something changes within that one day. The next day it totally changes.’ Everything is still the same. It’s better in the sense that I’m glad that everything is official, but in terms of the attitudes and things of that nature, everything is the same. It’s a good thing… so far.”
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Even though the rumors have been surfacing of his wife and a secret pregnancy, that was one thing that Ludacris never spoke on to specify. I’m sure something will come of that soon.

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