Mental and Emotional hurdles Keeping Tracy Morgan From Returning to Stage | The Reel Network

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by Kristina Byas

Saturday Night Live has entertained America since 1975. Throughout the years, many talented comedians and actors have graced the stage to give us all a laugh.

On Sunday, February 15, past and present cast members gathered to celebrate 40 years of this amazing show being on the air. Unfortunately, Tracy Morgan wasn’t included in this celebration.

Though the producers reached out to Morgan, who was a regular on the series from 1996 to 2003, in hopes of him reuniting with the cast, he just wasn’t up to returning to the stage due to his injuries sustained during his car accident last year.

He was missed by his cast-mates, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, who honored him while on air during the anniversary special. “I wish my friend Tracy Morgan was here tonight, and I know that he was hoping that he was well enough to be here too,” said Fey and Baldwin added “See you at the 41st, Tracy!”

In June 2014, Morgan was involved in an accident in New Jersey.

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