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NaturallyTriece: 6 Things Singles Should Do On Christmas Day…

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By: NaturallyTriece

Christmas Day is a day that we all get together with out family and or friends to celebrate one of the best traditional holidays in the world. To pass out Christmas gifts as well as give love and cheer to the people that we already know and those people that we are bound to meet during the fun filled Christmas Day. I’m sure that we can all agree that the day is action packed, so I have come up with some things to help you get through the day without wearing yourself out, and just allowing you to have a smooth Christmas Day with no worries.

1. When you wake up on Christmas morning, be sure to greet yourself with a nice Christmas gift. Whether it be your favorites lotion, shower wash, a nice outfit or a big breakfast. Whatever it is that you love, be sure to gift yourself with it on Christmas day. I mean, everyone else is getting a gift from you, might as well buy yourself something too… Being that you did spend all of your hard earned money on a nieces/nephews, parents and siblings (who probably didn’t get you anything anyway).

2. After opening your awesome gift from yourself, be sure to call your family and friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and also let them know that you will be coming over to bring them their gifts. This way they’ll know that you’re coming and all you have to do it just show up. There won’t be any rushing from family members, or constant phone calls through out the day because they have already been informed that you will be showing up sometime that day.

3. Once that is done, take a nice hot shower. Play your favorite music as loud as you would like. After all, it is Christmas Day. My favorite song would be Stevie Wonder, ‘Master Blaster’. Have a small jam session while you are taking your hot shower, exfoliate your face, wash your back, gargle the shower water in your mouth, and stand in the warm goodness until you are officially ready to get out of the shower.

4. Get dressed. Of course, you can’t walk around naked in the cold, and you wouldn’t want to give your grandmother a real scare… That might make it her last Christmas. Wear a nice perfume or cologne, put on light jewelry, a nice sweater and a pair of jeans with your choice of shoes. ( Basically, wear whatever the heck you choose. Just make sure you’re covered.)

5. After you have gotten dressed and checked yourself out a few times in the mirror, now it is time to grab your coat and head for the door. Get in the car and just stroll…

6. Now, after all of that visiting, hugging, kisses from the grandparents, and laughing as well as the good food, it is finally time to head home. You will get home tonight and run a nice bubble bath for yourself and play some soft jazz. (Preferably Lester Young) Light yourself some candles and just relax, relate, and release.

This is what I plan to do on my Christmas day, being that my life is pretty simple anyway. No children or spouse, so I think that these small tips will work out perfectly for me, as well as all of those others out there who are just like me. Wake up when you’d like, leave the house when you’d like and come home when you’d like.

Thank you for Reading, Supporting Naturally Moi, and Merry Christmas.



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