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Metta World Triece:7 Interesting Facts About Kerry Washington

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By: Metta World Triece

Ever since I broke my “Scandal Virginity” I have seriously fallen in love with Shonda Rimes and her leading lady. The bold, sexy, daring, and amazing Kerry Washington has made a name for herself as Olivia Pope and climbed up the alphabetical chart to becoming an A-list actress and entertainer. The character that she plays has had me fooled for so long that I even forget to call her Kerry Washington. If I see her on the BET Awards, a commercial or a talk show I always say, “Wow, Olivia looks absolutely amazing tonight!” Even though she may not take that as a compliment I just say to her, ‘you keep on playing that character as good as you do girl and Imma…’ buy orlistat online no prescription

So in recognition and gratitude to the Scandal Season Finale I wanted to share the most interesting facts that I have found about the beautiful and talented Ms. Kerry Washington.

  1. She was on the swim team in high school. Hey, wasn’t Olivia Pope on the swim team too on ‘Scandal’?
  2. Twitter was not her favorite social media website until someone (who ever they may be… We all need to thank them) convinced her that it was okay. And now she is on Twitter giving life to all of her hugest fans, including myself under the name of Kerry Washington.
  3. Kerry Washington is also a chick from the block. She attended the same Boys & Girls Club as Jennifer Lopez.
  4. Washington purchases a gift for her parents every year on her birthday.
  5. Washington was a late bloomer in the fact that she did not get her driver’s license until she was in her mid-twenties.
  6. Unlike most hard working actors and actresses in show business, Washington uses other forms of energy to help her stay awake during long hours on set… But coffee is not one of them… Sorry Starbucks, don’t even think about trying to convince this chick to be your next spokesperson. buy flagyl online no prescription
  7. Washington designed an interdisciplinary major at George Washington University… Hmmm, not bad Ms. Pope.

And here you have it, all of the reasons why we as American women absolutely love Olivia Pope… Ooh, I mean Kerry Washington. Sorry, she just plays that character so damn good!
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