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Founder of Politics 365 revealed to be getting paid by a lobbying firm

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What do you do when you find out that many so-called black-owned media outlets are really fronts for major corporations or white people?  Do you know where  opinions are coming from?  This story might make you think twice the next time a website is eager to advocate for a policy that benefits corporate America, but harms the people.  Yvette Carnell at tells more:


As founder of BreakingBrown, I’ve said on several occasions that many of the people in the black blogosphere and Twitterverse are paid provocateurs instead writers with a vested interest in the black community.

The editor and co-founder of Politics365, a black politics website, was recently revealed as a paid lobbyist for tobacco and telecom.

During an interview on Wednesday, Vice reports that Kristal High revealed that she was being paid by lobbying firm DCI. And just in case you don’t know, lobbying firms pay for influence, not just for the sake of handing out free money.

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