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Mrs. Obama accused of abusing her authority by protesting Malia’s picture

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michelle-malisaReported by Liku Zelleke

TMZ is reporting that First Daughter #1, Malia Obama was out and about in Los Angeles on a Monday night. She was sighted at one of the city’s better-known restaurants, which also happens to be a favorite haunt for celebrities as well as the paparazzi that are often seen hovering about them.

Malia’s presence in LA is due to the fact that she is spending the summer in the city working as an intern on the set of Halle Berry’s new movie “Extant“. This means that the paparazzi that weren’t already waiting for her at Gjelina, the famous restaurant in Venice, would have surely followed her there.

Eventually, one of the paparazzi decided that he wanted to take pictures of Malia and her entourage of friends and started clicking away as they were leaving the restaurant.

Once he had his picture he didn’t take time in selling it to AKM-GSI, a media distribution agency. Soon the picture was up on their site and available for anyone who wanted to make a purchase.

TMZ reports that a couple of hours after the image was posted, AKM-GSI received a phone call from the First Lady’s office asking if they could please have the photo removed from their site. Mrs. Obama’s staff told the agency that the family had secured promises from several media outlets not to photograph either Sasha or Malia when they weren’t in the presence of their father, President Obama.

AKM-GSI agreed to have the photo removed from their site and did so. The agency then sent out an email to other media outlets with a subject line that read: “URGENT SET KILL NOTICE”.

The email read: “Please delete the set of Malia Obama from your archive. The set was sent around earlier today. We cannot distribute the set.”

Now, the question everyone is asking is if this was all abuse of office or if it is a matter of seeing a mother in action, making sure that her children are as protected as possible. What do you think? Is it not fair game to expect that photogs would want to take a picture of the president’s daughter?