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5 Hair Styles That Can Make You Look Like A Presidential First Lady

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By: Naturally Triece

Being that my president is black and his wife is too, I thought this post would be nothing short of amazing. Michelle Obama has raised eyebrows as well as the stakes when it comes to her elegant swag that she constantly carries around the white house. From presidential balls to just taking their daughters on a trip to the Hamptons, the First Lady never falls off in the slightest bit of the word.


Look 1:

This blunt bob is super cute on Mrs. Obama. She wears it well and I think that this hair style is extremely versatile for all women. No matter what head shape you have you can look just as classy and elegant as she does in this cute bobbed hair cut.


Look 2:

Swoop behind the ear. This look is a little preppy and innocent. With those small pearl earrings. I think that if you are going for a more innocent look then this is the look for you.


Look 3:

These layers are loved! This look is perfect for someone who wants to add some spice to their dull hair. This would be great for the woman who loves her roller sets. If you get your hair cut like this then you will experience fullness and your hair will look healthy all at the same time.


Look 4:

Like I always say, curls make the world a better place. Michelle is giving all kinds of life with this Marilyn Monroe inspired hair style. I love it.


Look 5:

Layers and volume are all that any girl needs to create an amazing hairstyle for an amazing night. She looks awesome and she even carries a nice glow in this picture. I like this picture not only because of that amazing smile but also because her hair looks so healthy and happy.

If you have dull hair then I just don’t know how well you’re going to do in the oval office.

These are my 4 looks that I would encourage any woman to try, especially if they have that first lady attitude. You go girl!

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