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Just A Little Natural Hair Inspiration

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By: Naturally Triece

I have given my story and now I think that it may be time that you guys hear it from someone else.

As for me, I’ll refresh your memory…

So, as many of my readers may know, I have been writing quite a bit about natural hair and the reason being is because I am natural (just in case my signature photo never gave it away). I have had relaxers in the previous years of my life, when I was a child and even in my adult life. My reasoning for going natural may not be the same as everyone else’s but I’m sure that there is a woman out there right now that is going through or has gone through the natural journey before.

The young lady in this particular video talks about her hair as a child and just shares all of the things that her mother would do to it when she was a little girl. Braiding it every day and night, not using any heat and just giving her hair plenty of TLC. The things that she is going to share in this video are ideas that I think that every natural and transitioning girl should take into consideration. Imagery doesn’t hurt either. She shows where her hair was a year ago and she also shows where it is now.

The only thing that I can stress to you ladies is just to be sure to constantly get your split ends trimmed, co-wash every night, deep condition every week and be easy on the heat as well as the chemicals. Take care of your hair because it is clearly your crown and glory. Give your curls TLC like you would if you were to coddle your child. Treat your hair like it is something that you don’t ever want to lose, because one thing is for sure, if you don’t take care of your hair then you will most definitely lose it.

Good Luck with your journey and please check out the video below… She gives us all some great tips that we all need.

Thanks for reading & watching!


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