Nicole Murphy “was like a private investigator” with Michael Strahan

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Reports are that the relationship between Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan is on it’s way out the door.  There are also disturbing reports that Nicole has had some trouble with all of the women who’ve suddenly found her man to be attractive.

Nicole was spotted out in LA, Aug. 7, and she was all smiles when TMZ caught up with her to ask how she had been doing since her shocking split from Michael.

Nicole Murphy didn’t appear to be shaken by her recent split from ex-fiance, Michael Strahan. For the first time since their shocking break up, Nicole spoke out ending her five-year-engagement.

Nicole Murphy Breaks Silence On Michael Strahan Split

Nicole simply smiled and told TMZ cameras: “It’s all good.” She didn’t comment on whether Michael had been “blindsided” like a report had claimed. There was also a report that claimed she spied on him and thought he was cheating on her.

Nicole Spies On Michael?

In January, Nicole as reportedly pounding on Michael’s hotel room door, where she screamed: “I know you’re in there with some bi**h … It’s Michael from Kelly and Michael in there.”

Yikes! It sounds like Nicole had her suspicions about the football star but was she right?

“She’s better than a Private Investigator,”a source told us. “And she’s been with a cheating man before so she knows what time it is. She knows what to look for. The signs had been there for a while.”

Meanwhile, Michael has yet to comment on the breakup although his rep did say: “They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship.”

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Here’s another report on Strahan’s struggling relationship, courtesy of Liku Zelleke:


Some dramas are just never-ending and seem to go on forever. Case in hand is what is still going on between Nicole Murphy and her ex, Michael Strahan, the ABC personality.

The reality star and model had just recently made it public that she and Strahan had called off their five-year engagement. Although she had never disclosed the reason behind the breakup, there are reports that it ended over suspicions that Strahan had been unfaithful.

Other sources suggest that the distance between the two had been the reason the infidelity rumors started to begin with. But, then again, not everyone means just Strahan when they talk about the unfaithfulness between the two. Photos of what is believed to be Murphy and Jim Jackson, the former NBA player, were leaked on to the internet. They showed the two cuddling at a Puerto Rican resort. At the time the pictures were taken, Murphy and Strahan were still engaged.

Now, TMZ is reporting that another incident had occurred in January at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel where Strahan was presumed to be staying. Apparently, Murphy showed up at a hotel room door and created a scene because she thought Strahan had another woman inside the room with him. Witnesses and sources said that she started banging on his door shortly before midnight and also claimed that she screamed Strahan’s name while camped out in the hallway.

She yelled, “I know you’re in there with some b#@$%!” In case people were wondering who it was that she was mad at, she made things clear by shouting, “It is Michael from ‘Kelly and Michael‘ in there!”

Her antics were reported to have woken up several guests who were in the neighboring rooms, some of whom even peeked out into the hallway to see what was going on.

After about 20 minutes, security guards appeared and escorted Murphy off of the premises. As for who was behind the hotel room door – no one is sure.