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Mother stabbed her daughters 76 times, and is on the loose in Canada

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Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.40.32 PMMental illness is real and it is most likely to hurt those around us.   A mentally ill woman in Toronto is accused of stabbing her two daughters a total of 76 times in a brutal slaying that has shocked anyone who hears the story.  According to CityNews, the woman’s brother says that his sister is running free in Canada and isn’t being properly supervised by anyone.

Sarah Augustine is accused of stabbing her daughters, 5-year old Rachel and two-and-a-half month old Sophia.  The incident occurred in 2010 when the girls were with their mother on a trip to Dominica.   The mother then tried to take her own life after seeing what she’d done.

A psychiatrist who went to see the woman said that she was suffering from bi-polar disorder and post-partum psychosis.

“I couldn’t think straight. I saw the knives. The next thing I remember was that Sophie was choking. I suddenly realized something was wrong and she was dying,” the accused mother told the doctor.

She was charged on two counts of murder but never faced trial.  Her trial was discontinued inexplicably, and no verdict rendered.   The government claimed that it didn’t have the expertise to deal with mental health issues of this magnitude.   That’s when the woman was put in the care of her brother in Canada with a promise that she would get treatment.

The woman committed herself to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, but only stayed for two months.   Her brother has since warned the public that his sister isn’t getting the care she needs and that there is no record of her crimes in Canada.   He says that his greatest fear is that the woman will meet a man and have another baby without anyone knowing about her past.

The brother has continuously pushed the government for four years, and nothing has been done yet.

He has even launched a petition asking the government to get involved.

Post-partum depression is a very serious medical condition that affects millions of women around the world. Even worse, it often goes untreated.   According to WebMD: 

If you have the “baby blues” after childbirth, you’re not alone—about half of women have a few days of mild depression after having a baby. However unsettling, a certain amount of insomnia, irritability, tears, overwhelmed feelings, and mood swings are normal. Baby blues usually peak around the fourth postpartum day and subside in less than 2 weeks, when hormonal changes have settled down. But you can have bouts of baby blues throughout your baby’s first year.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the symptoms of this debilitating disease, please contact a doctor and get help.

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