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Naturally Triece: Best Skin Products For The Chocolate Girls!

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By: Naturally Triece

By being a lighter complected African American woman I can say that I have had some issues with makeup that I just think are inevitable. But I know quite a few darker women who go through the same struggles and then some.

I will be leaving you ladies with a video and some advice on how to manage your skin, the video below gives advice on the right makeups to use and so much more:

Chocolate Drop Diva Lesson 1:


I know some of you may be thinking, Noxzema? What??? Yes girl! Noxzema. I think that Noxzema is great for any African American woman who needs a nice moisturizer after washing their face. You can also use options such as Cedaphil or Dove Lotion. Dove specializes in giving the skin an amazing glow like no other.

Chocolate Drop Diva Lesson 2:

Neutrogena Face Wash…

I currently use this soap in the ‘Morning Burst’ and it works like a dream. I have extremely oily skin and so does my mom. My mother on the other hand likes to use Cetaphil and it gives her skin a natural pretty glow. (My mom is a brown girl by the way) So if you are checking for something that does not make your skin look too ashy, like a lot of soaps tend to do on African American skin, then make sure that you check out some of the products from these two lines.

Chocolate Drop Diva Lesson 3:

Watch the video below…

These were just a few of my options, but I believe that the young lady in this particular video goes way more in depth about what products to use and how to make your brown skin look amazing doing it.

Thank you guys for reading and please feel free to leave any suggestions of things that you use. All comments will be taken into consideration!!

Thanks for reading & Watching!

Naturally Triece


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