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Naturally Triece: Natural Hair Up Do… How To! (Video Tutorial Inside)

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natural hair updo

By: Naturally Triece

I am so excited to talk to you guys about something that I have been slowly but surely learning about. It’s natural hair up do’s! Since I have been learning about them every single day, and anticipating the day that I go somewhere so that I can wear one, I figured that it would only be right for me to write an article about up do’s and allow you gals to learn as well.
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In the video below, a young lady by the name of QuishaJay shows you girls how to get the perfect up do just like the one in the picture. She also shows you  the many hair products that she uses that you girls may want to consider trying.
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Quinisha Jay starts off by unwrapping freshly cleansed hair and her curl pattern is beautiful. In this hair video she shows how she parts off the sections for her up do as well as the braiding in the back that she does to give her hair the coily curl that it has in the end.
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Here is her list of products that she listed on her YouTube Channel…

Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner
Jojoba Oil
Afro Pic/Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Cantu Coconut Curling Cream
Shea Moisture’s Gel Soufflé
Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
Foam Curlers/Perm Rods

This hairstyle is great for grownups but it is also just as cute and sassy on little girls. It is something that would be easy to maintain with just a little gel on the edges.

Watch this fabulous video ladies and I promise you won’t be unsatisfied.

Now, the only thing that I do suggest, if you do not have a hair pick (which most people do) I would use a wide toothed comb, you don’t want to knock out that fabulous curl pattern that she teaches us how to receive in flawless efforts!

Thanks for reading & watching!

Naturally Triece


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