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Woman Claiming To Be Jay-Z’s Baby Mama Has A Thieves Past!

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By: Naturally Triece

The woman claiming to be Jay-Z’s former love interest of the 90’s and mother of Rymir Satterthwaite is currently under suspect eye because new information has surfaced of her being a convicted thief who was kicked out of the Philadelphia projects over a $57 a month rent payment, according to Bossip.

Cops scooped Wanda Satterthwaite, 38, in 2010 for shoplifting from a store, and later she pled guilty to retail theft and criminal conspiracy. She received two years of probation, and multiple other charges like receiving stolen property and possession of an instrument of crime with intent. The other chargers were soon dropped.
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Satterthwaite’s son, Rymir, believes that his mother had a steamy affair with Jay Z, and he is claiming that the rap mogul is his biological father. Rymir’s foster mother, Lillie Coley, has since filed a lawsuit on behalf of her 21-year-old foster son and they are currently taking it to trial.

If Mr. Carter is the father of young Satterthwaite, it would definitely be a huge deal for the aspiring rapper who wants to be just like his old man.

Momma Satterthwaite has been in a year-long legal battle with the city of Philadelphia after being evicted for not paying her $57 a month rent while living in the Johnson Homes housing projects.
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The eviction mess began back in 2008, when the city housing official’s presumed to kick her out of the project home for not paying $22 in back rent. The case was later dismissed by a city judge. Later on in 2012, Satterthwaite was hauled back into a court room when housing authorities accused her of not paying $29 in back rent. The Philly judge kicked Satterthwaite out of her apartment in the Johnson Homes projects and ordered for her to pay $95 in back rent. Satterthwaite still has yet to pay the money back.

She went back to court… again… in 2013 after she only paid $22 in rent from March to July of 2013. A judge ordered that she be served with eviction papers once again and ordered to pay $618 in back rent and other fees.
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Rymir and Wanda have yet to speak on any of the recent statements that have been made.

Naturally Triece

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