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Lil Wayne Buys His Daughter 2 Luxury Cars For Her 16th Birthday

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Reginae Gets What Ever She Wants For Her Birthday… Including a Ferrari!

Young money is the name! Spending money is the game! Lil’ Wayne’s daughter, Reginae has one of the biggest Sweet 16’s that America and hip-hop have ever seen.

With no budget, Reginae is allowed to spend whatever she wants on whatever she wants, a whopping $500,000.

“That’s what it is, you can have whatever you want,” Lil Wayne tells Reginae via FaceTime. “I hope you enjoy it. You deserve it.”

Reginae’s mom had a budget of $250,000, but after four costume changes for the Birthday Girl, backup dancers during her performance, $20,000 for the venue, food, drinks and a surprise performance from Nicki Minaj, this birthday extravaganza was way over the budget.
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To the credit of Reginae, MTV described her as a fun temporary reality star, throwing some of the cutest catchphrases such as “Today I am replacing all of my drama with diamonds!” as her god-father and music mogul, Birdman, took her jewelry shopping for a brand new Rolex.

To close off the evening and top off the turn-up, Reginae ran outside with all of her friends to wait for her biggest surprise of all, her new car.

“Daddy, where’s the car?” she asked Lil Wayne.
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“They said my card didn’t go through baby,” he said as he laughed.

Reginae gets excited as she sees a red BMW roll out of from around a corner, but once a black and white Ferrari hits the street, Reginae just about hits the floor in blissful happiness!

The price for this banging’ Sweet 16 is never revealed, but considering the brand new Ferrari she is gifted with by her father and so much more, the pricing is believed to have ended with a large lump sum of $500,000!
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What do you guys think? Too much for a Sweet 16 or does she deserve it because her father can pay for it?


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