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85-Year-Old Granny Fights To Legalize Weed

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85-Year-Old Granny Fights To Legalize Weed… OG Style!

Being called “the perfect weapon” to legalization activists, Ann Lee, an 85-year-old Republican is currently crusading for the legalization of marijuana in Texas.

Lee previously had been opposed to the idea of legalizing weed until her son was in an accident and required medical marijuana for his treatment. “We realized that marijuana wasn’t the weed of the devil, which I had been known to say,” she explained.

After Lee began to turn toward activism in the effort to legalize marijuana, she said that she’d began to notice people responding to her more than ever before. “I don’t know whether it’s my age, the white hair, what is it, but it does seem to strike a chord. I’ve been an activist for many years, but I’ve never had the response that I’m not getting,” Lee said.
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A bit tickled by the attention that Lee has received, she said, “It’s just me, I believe in this.”

As for the people who would question Lee as to how she, as a Republican activist, can campaign and go so hard for such a liberal topic, Lee simply stated “It’s not Republican to support prohibition.”
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She explained that all adults have the right to use marijuana, she also added, “The government has no business telling you [that] you cannot.”

Lee is currently headed to Washington to continue her activist streak in defense of the popular drug that we all know as marijuana.

This granny isn’t the only one fighting in the name of Mary Jane. Check out this video of Mona Marijuana’s Italian Feast!
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 Go Granny!

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