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Touching: Homeless couple shares their Valentine with the world

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By Ryan Brennan

Sometimes, all you need is each other. In this case, the old saying definitely serves true. Without a roof over their heads, a homeless couple proves their love for each other to the rest of the world.

Takira and Will, a homeless couple that currently lives on the streets of New York City. The two spend most of their time on the streets of Manhattan’s Bowery neighborhood. They began getting attention when the couple was profiled on GOOD, being featured for a Valentine’s-themed article called “Love On The Streets.” They joined several other homeless couples for the piece.

“The whole time I’ve been homeless, I’ve never had anybody who makes it as easy and as manageable as Will does,” said Takira. “He’s my backbone, and he’s my voice of reason.”

The two said they have been together for about a year.

On the other hand, Will describes how Takira not only provides him security, but that she has also helped him find himself.

“Before, I used to pretend… ‘Oh, I want to be a tough guy, I want to be this type of guy,’” said Will. “But when I met her, she made me feel comfortable [to be] me.”

The unconventional relationship certainly shows that you don’t need to have the finer things and the luxuries in life to be able to find love.

In 2005, New York City conducted its first Homeless Outreach Population Estimate. In 2014, the results showed there are more than 3,300 homeless people living on the streets, in parks and in subways in New York City. Although that seems like a lot of people, it is a 24 percent decrease from the census taken in 2005. So, studies show that homelessness is a problem that is slowly seeing positive results.

Will and Takira are two of the many homeless people who have found love against the odds. Their companionship can make the worst parts of life seem a little easier. Their romance can serve as a lesson of the true meaning of ‘through thick and thin.’




  1. Rod F

    February 23, 2015 at 6:04 am

    Truly a lovely and beauiful story about this couple ,something so many couple that are not is a situation like that can learn from . The power of true love is a priceleas gift that does.nt cost a thing

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