Did Breezy Get That A** Beat At Grammy After Party?

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Did Breezy Get That A** Beat At Grammy After Party?

By: Naturally Triece

So rumor has it that Chris Brown received the ultimate brutal beat down just hours after walking the red carpet for the 2015 Grammy’s! Is this true??? Rumors are claiming that the megastar got into an altercation after the award show.

Late Sunday night Twitter went rampant with rumors of Breezy getting a heavy beat down, claiming that he was jumped by gang members at Meek Mill’s Grammy after party… Some have even went as far as saying that he got pistol whipped.

EBRO In The Morning (@EBROINTHEAM) Went to Twitter to say:

Chris Brown chased out of Meek Mill Party?? What’s this about?

ThePenseur (@ThePenseur) said:

Chris Brown got a gun pulled on him by gang members? Sheesh!

KiKKUpk (@TheLeanLant3rn) says:

Chris brown Really got dem Cail Bloods on his A** He Must not be Payin dem Dues

^^ I think he meant Cali???^^ Just sayin…

But anywho, wow this is insane. Poor lil’ Breezy, he is always in the middle of some mess. Let’s just hope that the rumors aren’t true.

But honestly with all of the heat that has been lit under his little booty with accusations about guns, fighting in parties/clubs and just being labeled as a bad boy, it would only seem right to say that I am sure that Chris can hold his own in any situation.

From what I have seen on the world wide net, C. Breezy is bout’ that life and I’m sure that his security is too.

Let’s just hope that all this nonsense can be stopped before someone gets killed in the midst, and then that’s just one more thing that he has to worry about, and a few more community service hours that he may not get to finish up!


Naturally Triece

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