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We TV Brings Us Our Very Own Black Bachelor! Thank Ya Jesus!

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I remember as a teenager, my grandmother watching “The Bachelor” and shows just like it. I never saw a black guy who was successful with no children… On any season!

It was unfortunate to me because all of the black girls that were on the shows got let go by the end of the first episode. And then there were shows like “Flavor of Love” and that one show that Chad Ochocinco had but we won’t even go there!

This time around, WeTV has come up with an idea of a show called, ‘Match Made in Heaven,’ let’s just hope that there is no coonery, buffoonery and baboonery involved. Spike Lee will definitely be on a rampage if that’s the case!

The show stars a real estate developer named Shawn Bullard who is looking for a wife amongst a very diverse group of women.

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Along for the ride are his mother Maggie and the Indianapolis Colts Spiritual Advisor, Pastor Ken Johnson.

We TV held a screening of the show in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, bringing along the millionaire bachelor, Shawn Bullard.

Guests were able to enjoy a cocktail reception along with the premiere episode and a Q&A that was hosted by Claudia Jordan… Ummm? Really? The beige blast off? Wow! Yeah! I already have a feeling that I’m probably not going to like this show very much! Claudia though?

But anyway, the night was said to have ended on a good note with branded white chocolate-covered Oreos to go around!

“Match Made In Heaven” will be premiering on Wednesday, February 4 at 8 pm on We TV.

So, do you guys think that this show can be a good look? You think that the show will have a good outcome or a bunch of mess that no one will be able to stand? I’m praying to God that this show does not star a ton of fist fighting and name calling and only feature this man and his love life. It’s time that black reality TV becomes more than what most are expecting!

Thanks for reading!

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