Teenage White Girl Receives Back Lash For Wearing Box Braids

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Sad to say but so many people are stuck in this age of ‘white girl hair’ and ‘black girl hair’. Why should race determine how you wear your hair? Nobody says anything when black women wear Brazilian hair! So what is so wrong about a white girl wearing box braids? Nothing!
12-Year-Old Mallory Merk wanted a new look for the New Year and she had no idea what she was in for. As adorable as she looked and excited as she felt, she never knew that some African Americans would attack her for wearing a style that she’d so badly desired.

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Things quickly went left after Merk posted a picture of her new flawless hairstyle to her social media sites, many people claimed to have found the style to be ‘offensive’ claiming that she was some sort of culture thief… I guess!
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I am an African American woman and I am proud to say that I nor any other black woman should have the right to claim a hairstyle as OURS. Nobody makes a comment when black women walk around with platinum blond hair, knowing good and damn well that they look a mess… So are we stealing a piece of her culture?

Let bygones be bygones and move off of this little girls head and into your own business.

Mallory issued the following statement:


My thoughts to Mallory:

I think that your braids were absolutely adorable and there is no reason why you should apologize for doing something that made you happy. You are a gorgeous girl and I do think that you are way more mature than the women who have made such ignorant and ridiculous comments. I’m sorry that you had to experience such ignorance and you should be allowed to wear your hair however the hell you want!
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Tell your stylist to keep up the good work boo and I definitely encourage you to get the braids again… After all you look better than most of the people I see who where them.

As for those other ladies… Braids are not an African American hairstyle, their an African hairstyle that originated from Africa. So please stop claiming things that aren’t even yours!
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Thanks for reading and best of luck to you, Mallory! Sincerely,

Naturally Triece

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