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Naturally Triece: Sevyn Streeter & Her Celeb Love Interest… Confirmed

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By: Naturally Triece

After all of the drama that has recently ensued with Chris Brown and his ‘girlfriend/boo thang/who ever he is with’ madness, it is only right that we give a little love news on his protege, Sevyn Streeter and who she has fallen for.

The talented singer and songwriter has been seen multiple times in the presence of rapper and musical artist, B.O.B. Bobby Ray has yet to confirm, but Streeter has already let it be known that he is her new boo. Posting him on her social media sites as her M.C.M and I’m sure in a couple of days he will be her Egg Plant Friday.

Streeter is a newer artist whom was taken under the wing of one of the best, Chris Brown. Her raw talent has been slept on but it seems like people still have found many other things to love about her. Her hit song, “It Won’t Stop”, topped the charts like no other and is still to this day, my favorite song at any summer barbecue. The talent has shown that she can dance and sing and has performed on many television shows as well as award shows. She has been a feature and back ground singer on many Chris Brown hits and her future is looking mighty bright still.

B.O.B. first hit the scene with his love hit “Nothing On You” featuring the amazing and talent driven Bruno Mars. After multiple hit songs, we still have yet to hear anything else from the awesome B.
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O.B. with his slick catchy lyrics. But hey, who knows, maybe these two can create some of that lovely musical magic that I’m sure they will ensue.

Can’t wait to hear more from this couple and all of their romantic details pretty soon.

My thoughts, I think that this is a great couple that can change the musical game. They are both attractive and lucky to have each other.

Good luck to the both of them and I wish them nothing but amazing success on their music careers as well as their private love lives.

Cute Couple!

Thank you for reading!


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