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How To: Get That Natural Hair Straight In Steps (Tutorial Video)

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By: Naturally Triece

Natural women have a huge issue on their hands when it comes to getting their hair straight and keeping it straight. In this article I will give you some tips, a few step by step routines and also a video tutorial… People love video tutorials.

Natural To Straight Step 1:

Make sure that you hair is shampooed and conditioned. When flat ironing/pressing/straightening the hair it is most important that you clean the hair. Wash out all of that old grease, gel, conditioner especially and any other products that you may have stuck in the hair. This also helps with the smoke and sniff (as I call it)… You know that thing when you get your hair straightened and the whole entire room is smoky like a scene off Friday but your house also smells like a bon fire.

This is why you want to make sure that your hair is CLEAN!

( Apply some heat protectant and continue on to step 2…)

Natural To Straight Step 2:

Make sure that your hair is dry after blow drying. I know that this step, just like step 1, should just be common sense but as my beauty school teacher taught me… Common sense isn’t always that common. I know that companies sale all of these flat iron tools that supposedly can straighten wet hair and you think that this product will work for you… Don’t even try it. Straightening wet hair will only make it burn.

Dry your hair until you feel absolutely no wet spots. And once you have dried your hair just simply blow dry your hair with a cool temperature. This will help your hair to get that sleek and shiny affect that we all want.

Natural To Straight Step 3:

Section the hair off into 4-7 sections. This will help you to find and grip the pieces that you wish to flat iron. Organization is always extremely important when you are doing your own hair, being that you can’t see the back of your own head like you hair stylist can.

Natural To Straight Step 4:

Figure out your flat ironing temperature.  Start off by using a heat setting of 375 degrees and simply work your way up the degree scale. You don’t want to start off with a heat that is too high, this won’t cause you to do anything besides burn the hair. After you have found your head setting then begin your straightening process…!

Natural To Straight Step 5:

Watch This Video…

Thanks for reading & Thanks for watching!

Naturally Triece

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