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Naturally Triece: Lip Color Of The Day

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Lip Stick Color of the Day: Coral

Coral colors can be awesome for women of color. The reason being is because they give the skin an awesome glow that you may not have known that you had.

Black women have a particular amount of melanin that is unmatched and with colors such as corals, golds, baby pinks and reds they particularly look awesome on black women. With a little coral blush and light bronzer, you can make this look pop like no other.

Now, this is not necessarily a winter color, but it looks awesome in the summer with your little tan skin. When I thinks of corals I think of Easter and any other summer festivity that may take place like Mother’s and Father’s Day. Wanna make your mommy or daddy smile? Where this beautiful color with a pretty little sun dress and your favorite sandals along with some gold jewelry. You will be the only sun that shines on those beautiful summer days.

Coral colors look good on all different shades of African American women and in my opinion the only way to make the look work is with some light blush. If you don’t have on any blush then I just feel like you may be all lips and nothing else. (That’s not a good thing, by the way.)
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For those women who may not be as comfortable with wearing coral or pink, one thing that I would recommend is lining your lips with a pencil that may be a few shades darker. My favorite lip lining color is a soft chestnut brown… You can find some awesome lip pencils in Ulta over at the NYX section. Their lip colors serve multiple purposes and would look great when lining a beautiful color such as this one.
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Some coral lip colors that are pretty and affordable are Revlon Balm Stains, NYX Coral Butter Gloss in Éclair and also NYX Antwerp. When shopping for these colors you won’t spend any more than about $7. So the money issue shouldn’t even be an issue.

I hope you ladies loved reading this Lip Color of the day as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

Thanks for reading!

Naturally Triece

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