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Naturally Triece: DIY Beautiful Purple Ombre Hair That Will Turn Heads!

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By: Naturally Triece

Some may feel that I’m a little too old for this but I totally do not care! I absolutely love colored hair, no matter what texture or length.

fashionistaswonderland:  IG: wstco  XIV

I may not be brave enough to perform such a difficult task on myself but I know that other women aren’t as freaked out and or punked out as I am when it comes to coloring your wigs and weaves.

In the video below, Peak Mill is going to show us ladies how she colored a wig that she created herself. This video is more of a talk through, with just a few shots of her actually doing what she is talking about.

In the video she performs a beautiful vibrant purple ombre on the hair that she receives and shows you how she achieved the look so flawlessly.

After processing the hair 3 times, the weave was still very bouncy and had lots of life, this is what you want when coloring your weave.

The recommendations that I would make to the video would just simply be to discard using any of the bleach or purple hair color on your own hair. Whether you’re natural or relaxed or whatever, it is never safe to put bleach on your hair once, let alone twice like she did with her bundles. Bleach is almost like a relaxer and can raise the pH of your hair. This can cause the hair to feel extremely dry and brittle.

I would also recommend that after you have applied the bleach to your weave bundles and closure (always purchase a closure when doing styles such as the one in this video) the best way to shampoo the hair once you have rinsed the bleach out is to apply neutralizing shampoo to the hair. As I said before, bleach is like a relaxer, neutralizing shampoo will help to lower the pH of the weave to allow it to maintain its softness and continue to be moisturized.

Now, since I have blabbered enough, I would suggest that you ladies watch this video and if you are brave enough, try this style. I’m sure that it will look awesome on you!

Thanks for reading & watching!


Naturally Triece

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