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Naturally Triece: 3 Of The Best Plus Size Websites To Shop From (Look Book Inside!)

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By: Naturally Triece

As many of you ladies may already be able to tell, I got plenty of love for the big girls! I love the fact that many of them embrace their curves and love their own body… But I hate that when I go into many stores all I see is clothes sizes that only increase to a size 12.

Well, where are the big and lovely suppose to shop? Nowhere?

I am proud to say that I found some websites for you ladies that you can turn to for the fly and flashy clothing that you see everyone else wearing.

Take these sites into consideration, read some reviews and if you are comfortable then don’t be afraid to give them your business!

Fashion Look Book Plus Size Site 1:

Pockets & Bows

By: Brittany Coleman

Brittany’s introduction goes as follows:

Brittany is a 24 yr old plus size fashion blogger that loves to be told “what not to wear” because she will break all of the rules!

This beauty has created some awesome styles that I know you ladies won’t be able to resist. She gives you chic, classy and punk all on her blog and also has a purchasing area where you can shop till you drop!

She is beautiful and confident and I want you ladies to feel what she feels by wearing some of her fabulous designs that are for sale on her site!

Go check her out!

Fashion Look Book Plus Size Fashion Site 2:

Gabie Fresh

This is a site for that girl who loves every inch of her body from bikinis to mini skirts. This girl is not afraid to show off everything that she’s got!

Gabie is a sassy little lady with plenty of personality. Her styles are bold, brave and outgoing. She also has a bathing suit line hat I’m sure you ladies will fall in love with for the summer.


Fashion Look Book Plus Size Fashion Site 3:

Monif C.

This fabulous designer has been featured on many shows such as BET’s Rip The Runway and many others. Her classy style is nothing short of tasty and classy with form fitted dresses and many other things that I am sure that you will love.

The one thing that I love about this particular site is that some of the things are a little pricey but when she has a clearance she actually has a real clearance. Some websites and stores don’t know the meaning of a clearance because 10% off is not that… Some of her skirts go as low as $28!!!!

I am sure that these 3 ladies would love your business and I am sure that you ladies would love the styles of their clothing! I encourage you to just take a look and if you like something that you see then what are you waiting for? Get it!

Thanks for reading!


Naturally Triece

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