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Naturally Triece: 4 Makeup Tips to Keep Your Skin Absolutely Stunning

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By: Naturally Triece

Women of color have some of the most beautiful shades that would make you jealous. Black women come in all shapes, sizes and shades… Nothing short of astonishing and everything worth drooling over.

Here are 4 tips for all African American women that will help with daily skin care, makeup and beauty routines that are pursued…



Always remember to take care of your makeup brushes. Remember to wash them after every use and put them in a safe place that will keep them nicely intact.

Using dirty brushes can cause massive skin issues and allow your skin to get out of control. Your finished makeup looks will look sloppy and your skin can possibly look very dirty all because of these dirty makeup brushes.


Experiment with colors and find what works for your skin. African American skin looks great in oranges, golds, shades of brown and pinks. These colors look amazing when you apply them in an eye shadow form, and what woman doesn’t just love a smoky eye? We all do!

As far as the lips, try out different colors of nudes to figure out what will work for you in your everyday makeup routine. I would try colors that match my skin first and then begin to branch out a little at a time.


Learn your skin type, care and tone.

Your skin type is determined by whether you have oily, normal, dry or combination skin. Once you figure out your skin type then you will be able to figure out your necessary skin care regimen. (Please keep in mind that what works for you may not work for others.)

Your skin tone is what determines your foundation routine. Will you need the NC45, NC50 or NC55 from MAC? Only your skin tone can determine that.


Don’t abuse your makeup. Be sure to keep your eye shadows, blushes and concealers up by cleaning them out and keeping them in safe places. Get rid of any makeup that has been broken or unused for at least a year.

After a year of no use, I have found that the consistency of my makeups were very different and some have even made my skin break out. I just discard of them and buy new makeup.

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