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NaturallyTriece: 3 New Years Fashion Ideas To Die For

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So, I’m sure if you like to turn up just as much as me then you will love this article. Everyone is into the golds and glittery colors for New Years Eve, so I thought that I would just give you guys a little inspiration.

As a New Years lover, I know what its like to want to dress and impress right before the ball drops. We must wear something that stands out and is totally different from what everyone else has on. I encourage all of you fabulous ladies to spice up your look with boldness that will take everyone else’s breath away. Along with makeup that is on “fleek” as the hipsters would say. So here are some looks from my personal book, that I did create myself, also with a few makeup tips to match.


1. New Years Eve Fashion Inspiration Look #1

"New Years Look" by patrice-johnson on Polyvore

This sexy, yet sophisticated outfit is to die for. Off the shoulder sweaters are always a chic look for the New Year and nothing short of fabulous. The thing that I love about this look is that you can wear it to a New Years party, Happy Hour or work at the office. This look can go for any time of day and make heads turn in either envy or admiration. With this look I would suggest a dark lip (dark purple, dark red or dark brown) along with a soft smoky eye, with a little gold glitter in the tear duct area. So everyone can fall in love with that little twinkle in your eye!

2. New Years Eve Fashion Inspiration Look #2

"Deadly New Years" by patrice-johnson on Polyvore

This look is for those girls who want all of the attention but don’t want you to know that they want all of the attention. These sexy thigh high boots are nothing short of attention worthy. This look was inspired by my desired birthday look and when playing around with ideas I thought to myself that this would also be the perfect look for that sexy little lady who is trying to break some necks on New Years.

This look would go great with a pop of red lipstick, I mean fire engine truck red. Like the kind of red that stops traffic. And a deep, dark, thick cat eye liner.

3. New Years Eve Fashion Inspiration Look #3

"New Years Good Girl" by patrice-johnson (aka naturallytriece) on Polyvore

This look is inspired by my desired New Years look. I want to wear something like this, it is a look for a good girl but it says that she is ready to show up and show out. I think that the flair of the skirt is what gives it the innocent feel, but the sparkly sweater has New Years Celebration written all over it.

With this look, I will probably wear a light nude lip with a dark brown liner to frame my lips and give them a more defined affect. The eyes will probably be calming, heavy mascara with no liner. Just my natural lashes with a spidery look. A nice dash of pink blush wouldn’t hurt either!

These are my 3 ideal looks for the New Year and I hope that you guys enjoy them just as much I enjoyed creating them!

Thank you for reading and please continue to comment and leave suggestions.

Thanks & Happy New Year!



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