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4 New Years Eve Eye Looks That Will Guarantee You A Kiss When The Ball Drops!

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By: Naturally Triece

New Years parties and all of the Holiday activities give us women a great excuse to get up and go out. When going out we don’t want to look lame, we want to be fierce and fabulous amongst all of the party goers who came out to have fun. We want to give them something to envy, as well as something to admire. Here are 7 eye shadow looks that will go awesome with almost any New Years outfit and that glass of wine that you will be drinking once the ball drops! (Unless, your New Years resolution is to stop drinking. Then it that case it will be a wine glass full of milk!)

Look 1:


This sultry yet sexy look will grab any ones attention and they will be constantly asking where you got that shimmery shadow from. This slightly pink eye look is great if you want to wear a gold dress to the party or if you want to go for something even more chic like all white.

Look 2:


This sexy eye look is for that woman who wants to give off the look like she is glamorous and walking the red carpet. The light shade in the front part of the eye lid if absolutely gorgeous and I just love how it immediately blends back into the black smoky corner of the eye. This look is for that bad girl in the party who is looking to get a few numbers, and take some new folks into the New Year with her. This look would go great with a light to medium brown matte lipstick.

Look 3:


This glammed up look is the perfect look for New Years, it has that very typical New Years metallic gold eye shadow on the lid that most people are known for. The twist is that the black eye shadow doesn’t just land in the corner but there is some black in the front as well, close to the tear duct. This is what gives the eye that catty affect. This look would go great with a fire red matte lipstick.

Look 4:


I love this look because it is a little different from the rest. It has a little more of a color choice and would go great with a nude lip and a nude liner around the lips.

These are my makeup choices to end the 2014 year and kick off the 2015 year. I think that these looks, if worn correctly, can make you want to take selfies all night.

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year!


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